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Browser extension is here!

ยท 3 min read
Robert Goniszewski

With the latest release, the Grimoire Project has reached a new milestone. The Integration API was improved, we got support for webpage screenshots, and grimoire companion, the long-awaited browser extension, is finally here!

You will now be able to save your currently viewed page without leaving it. That sounds nice, doesn't it?


The Grimoire is evolving, and with it, the API. The latest version introduces a token-based authentication for API requests, which is a more secure method than the previous method (storing and using your credentials directly).

Also, new improvements were made to the API to support our new shiny browser extension! For example, our API now allows you to add a bookmark with a screenshot of the page.

Last but not least, we've reduced the tech debt and updated the project to use the latest Vite 5 and SvelteKit 2.5. This should make the app faster, more secure, and will allow us to add new features more easily in the future.

Browser extensionโ€‹


Tired of switching tabs to save interesting pages? The new grimoire companion browser extension saves you clicks and frustration by allowing you to save the currently viewed page with a single click.

You can also add a description and tags to the bookmark, or even take a screenshot of the page, which will be saved along with the bookmark and displayed in the last version of the app.

Here are the features you can expect from it:

  • adding a bookmark to your Grimoire account directly from the browser
  • choose one of existing categories, and add/create multiple tags
  • set a note to self, change default title, description or favicon, and preview parsed HTML content
  • select an option to take a screenshot of the page and save it along with the bookmark
  • choose the importance of the bookmark and set it as flagged
  • support for dark mode

...and more to come!

Don't wait, get it now on:

Firefox Add-ons Chrome Web Store

What's nextโ€‹

In the upcoming weeks, I will be focused on resolving the most common issues and improving the user experience. The browser extension will be fixed and improved along the way, just like the API.

The introduction of automatic import and export of bookmarks from and to other services using dedicated importers and exporters is the next big thing on the horizon. This will allow you to easily move your bookmarks from other services to Grimoire and vice versa!

Stay tuned for more updates ๐Ÿช„

Contributors are more than welcome!โ€‹

The Grimoire is an open-source project in its early stages of development. Let us work together to make it better!

Bring your ideas, suggestions, and bug reports to the Grimoire GitHub repository. And if you want to make an impact, take a look at the contributing guidelines.

You can also help develop the browser extension. The source code is available on the grimoire companion GitHub repository.